Know What's Going on Under Your Home

Know What's Going on Under Your Home

Get a foundation inspection in Chandler, AZ

Are you looking for a qualified home inspector in Chandler, AZ? An inspector is someone who looks at your home from top to bottom and lets you know whether your home is sound. The team of inspectors at BurCan Dynamics, LLC is ready to serve.

From your foundation inspection, you should expect:

  • An interview to determine the inspection criteria
  • A floor elevation survey
  • A complete inspection of the interior, exterior and surrounding terrain
  • An inspection of the doors and walls
  • A forensic analysis of the floor
  • A conclusion and recommendations

A home foundation inspection looks specifically at your home's foundation. We're excited to let you know what's going on under your home. Choose our home inspection service in Chandler, AZ today.

Don't buy a home without all the facts

When you buy a home, getting a home inspection is fairly standard practice. A more specific way to look at the property is with a foundation inspection. Your inspector will determine if the foundation is functioning as it should, if it's compliant with building codes and if it needs repairs or changes.

When it's complete, your report will help you determine if you should purchase a home. Schedule a home foundation inspection in Chandler, AZ right away.